Valheim – How to Beat Bonemass

Bonemass Tips

I went in full rested. Used best foods to boost health high, had a scale shield (from serpent scales) and a fully upgraded mace. Didn’t use any other pots other than poison resist.

Just walked up to him and stated beating him with the mace. Time his attacks, block, swing some more, block, swing some more, take care of any adds he summons then move in and repeat. A medium health pot and even a medium stamina pot might be useful in the fight – if you can, bring them along.

Serpent stew is a great food item to use for this fight. Has high health. Then use two other foods that give decent health and stamina. Shouldn’t be too hard of a battle.

I find that using large shields is so much more beneficial over the small ones, you can get a couple of solid blocks in before your block stamina depletes and you become staggered. Against creatures that don’t need a shield to block, I just block with my weapon right when they attack to stagger them and then hit them.

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