Vampire Survivors – How to Not Lag with Sammy (High Curse)

How to Fix Lag Problem

I noticed turning off limit break for Sammy fixes the lag problem. Something about those eyes that if they limit break too much things get super slow so I decided to turn it off, and what do you know, It’s going super smooth even with 1000%+ curse.

I believe the reason for that is because of how the game mechanics work. Whenever a weapon levels up it ‘Resets’, effectively firing off again immediately. You can notice this if you pick up red gems and level up the same weapon a bunch of times, it’ll fire off a bunch right after the menus are done.

Because Sammy levels up based on money, he levels ABSURDLY fast, which means he’s CONSTANTLY gaining levels, and thus CONSTANTLY resetting his weapon’s timer, which means it basically machineguns out a new set of attacks every time you level up. The more you level, the stronger the weapon. The stronger the weapon, the faster you kill. The faster you kill, the more you level. It becomes a vicious cycle that just crushes your PC because it’s trying to keep track of a new set of weapon attacks that are being spit out basically every frame considering how rapidly he levels.

Turning off Limit Break fixes this because the weapon no longer levels, thus not resetting the weapon timer constantly, so the weapon can just function normally.

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