VEILED EXPERTS – Agent Class System Guide

The Agent Class System and Agent Bonus Effects

Agent Class System

Agents will be assigned to classes, each with their own identity, and will gain play bonuses that are specific to their classes.

Agent Class Bonus Details

ClassEffect Summary
Assault• Hitting an enemy grants 3% movement speed for 3 seconds
• Faster reloading speed
→ 15% increase in default speed
Scout• Increased the amount of throwing gadgets possessed and purchased
→ Increase possession by 1, purchase by 1
• Gain 1 Scan grenade for each round
• Scan Bow available for purchase
All-Arounder• AP Magazine Parts Available
• Increased maximum ammo carrying capacity
Sniper• Thermal sight and high microscopic sight parts available
• 5% movement speed for 10 seconds immediately after falling without taking fall damage
• M24 Sniper Rifle available for purchase
Supporter• Faster time to revive knockdown allies
→ 2.5 seconds for SUPPORTER (default 5 seconds)
•  Increases the stash of recovery items by 1 space and grants 1 bandage each round.

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