VEILED EXPERTS – Battle Pass Details

Tell Me About the Battle Pass

  • With the update on Thursday, October 12, the Battle Pass system was added to Veiled Experts.
  • Battle Pass experience can be earned in the same way as Agent experience earned through gameplay.
  • To redeem Battle Pass rewards, you’ll need the following
    • Battle Pass level, which increases through play
    • Tokens earned through Challenges, Agent level-ups, etc.
    • Premium rewards can only be redeemed by Battle Pass users.

If you purchase a Battle Pass, the following Battle Pass effects will apply for the remainder of your purchase.

  • Premium Rewards available for rewards
  • Open Seasonal Challenges

Your Battle Pass level, subscription status, and tokens will be reset with the next season.

Battle Pass Details:

Battle Pass LevelOP1. Codename: EZ Season consists of 50Lv.
The Battle Pass level will increase by the same amount as Agent experience earned through gameplay.
Players can earn additional Battle Pass experience by completing daily challenges.
As the player level up in Battle Pass, the types of rewards the player can redeem for tokens increase.
Battle Pass TokenIncreasing the Battle Pass Lv does not immediately earn the player rewards.
The players earn tokens through challenges and character buildup, which the players can use to exchange for rewards of their choice.
Battle Pass tokens are seasonal and are reset when the season ends.
How to Achieve TokensDaily Challenge Bonus Rewards
Seasonal Challenges
As the character levels up, the player gain bonus tokens in every five levels.

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