VEILED EXPERTS – Casual Bomb Defusal vs Bomb Defusal

Casual Bomb Defusal and Bomb Defusal Explained

What’s the difference between Casual Bomb Defusal and Bomb Defusal?

The following is the difference between Casual Bomb Defusal and Bomb Defusal.

CategoryCasual Bomb DefusalBomb Defusal
FeaturesCasual Bomb Defusal mode with simple rulesBomb Defusal mode with a variety of environmental changes
Competition MethodsNoneSame RP and Tier rules as the traditional Ranked Match, but with easier access until higher tiers
Capacity5vs5 (Depending on the matchup, the AI can take the place of a player)5vs5
Bomb PointsAlways 2 fixed2 bomb points are randomly determined at the start of the game
Weather ChangesNo weather changesWeather changes
Building and Major Terrain DestructionBuildings and major terrain can’t be destroyedBuildings and major terrain can be destroyed
Magnetic FieldThe last magnetic field has a wide rangeSame as before

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