VEILED EXPERTS – Nexon Game Security Initialization Failed (Fix)

Unable to Run The Game with a Message Popup [Nexon Game Security Initialization Failed]

The message pops up when an active security (vaccine) program blocks Nexon Game Security.

Please follow the procedure below to resolve the situation.

How to Resolve:

  • Set as an exception for the folder “”BlackCipher”” in the vaccine program
  • Check for the latest update of the Windows, and please maintain the update
  • If the condition has started from certain date, it might be from a change of Windows setting.
    • Please try to find any new programs or app that have been installed recently and remove them.
    • Or use Windows system recovery service to restore the former state.

If all methods are not effective, submit a ticket including all the conditions that you have experienced in details.

Also strongly advised to attach following files required:

  • LackCall64, BlackCipher64, BlackXchg, NGClient, NGService.log
    • (Please compress the files into one single file in the ticket)
  • You are able to locate those files in the path below
    • C: → Nexon → VeiledExperts → BlackCipher

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