Venture to the Vile – How to Get Jail Bird Achievement

Jail Bird Achievement Guide

You need to wear the Prisoner’s Garb all the time. Don’t take it off, even for a short time. You won’t get the achievement if you:

  • Start Act 2 without it
  • Leave the tailor without it
  • Beat main bosses without it
  • Finish the game without it

General Tips

The Prisoner’s Garb makes you take more damage. To make it easier:

  • Upgrade claw weapon damage
  • Upgrade health with vile currency
  • Get tonic ingredients you see
  • Rest at every camp
  • Find Rachel in the Sewers for more tonics
  • Use Snake’s shop for materials if needed

You can use the option for double health, but turn it off before upgrading health.

Game Route


  • Play normally

Act 1:

  • Go to the infirmary
  • Beat Mr Hare
  • Get medicine
  • Equip Prisoner’s Garb at the tailor

Act 2:

  1. Go through Marsh, fight Grasshopper
  2. Go to harbor
  3. Get key
  4. Open gate, fight kraken
  5. Find Rachel in sewers
  6. Upgrade tonics in town
  7. Go to mausoleum through Lanes and Cemetery
  8. Beat mausoleum boss
  9. Return to town, upgrade tonics
  10. Go to Thicket through Gardens
  11. Get mines key from Walrus Sr in Mill
  12. Beat mines boss
  13. Return to town, upgrade tonics, talk to Dr Crow

Act 3:

  1. Go to vile roots
  2. Talk to final boss in cave
  3. Return to town, talk to Dr Crow, break his machine for ending

You can get the achievement with any ending. I hope you found this useful!

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