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Heroes are the most important combat units in the game. You can get more Heroes by Hiring them from the Hall of Valor, or by participating in certain events. Heroes can lead Troops to Explore, Gather, and fight. Having strong Heroes is critical for building up your forces.

Hero Grade

Hero Grades are an easy way to determine a Hero’s strength. The higher their Grade, the more powerful the Hero. In ascending order, Hero Grades are Blue, Purple, and Orange.

Hero Tags

Every Hero has multiple tags. There are Troop type tags, such as Pikeman, Archer, Infantry, and Leader. Combat tags include Offense, Defense, Jungler, Polymath, Gathering, Siege, and more. The better you know your Heroes’ tags, the more you’ll be able to deploy them effectively!

Heroes also have specialties in Internal Affairs, such as Agriculture, Commerce, and Security. These types of speciality also have tiers: S, A, B, and C. These tiers can be upgraded when a Hero is Awakened. After occupying a Village within a Fief, you can assign Heroes to manage Villages, greatly improving their Yield.

Hero Levels

Heroes have levels, and require Hero EXP to level up. Hero EXP can be obtained from Events, completing Bounties and Quests, and defeating Monsters and Niflung. You can also rapidly level up your Heroes by using Hero EXP items.

Hero Star Level

Heroes start at Star Level 1. You can use a Hero’s Shards to Ascend them. Heroes will learn a new Talent each time they Ascend. Each Hero has different Talents which make them more effective in combat. The higher the Talent Level, the better it is.

Hero Skills

Hero Skills can be obtained by using [Skill Summon] in the [Hall of Valor] or by participating in Events.

Hero Skills are split into 3 Categories: Base Skills, Awakened Skills, and Skill Slots.

Hero Skills have Grades as well. In ascending order, Skill Grades are Blue, Purple, and Orange. The higher a Skill’s Grade, the powerful it is.

Hero Skills become more powerful when their Level increases. Consume excess Skills and Skill Shards to gain Skill EXP to increase the level of Hero Skills.

Hero Talents

Heroes Talents are an important part of a Hero’s build, as they affect a Hero’s ability to lead Troopsto explore, gather, fight, and more. Obtain Hero Statues from the [Hall of Valor] or by participating in Events, then use them to unlock or raise Talent Levels.

Every Hero has a total of 6 Talents. They will have the first Talent unlocked by default, and will unlock the rest as they gain Star Levels.

Unlocking Hero Talents grants benefits to Troops, various functions (such as gathering, and combat. Talents affect which type of Troops a Hero is best at leading, and also determine a Hero’s ability to perform a certain role (such as being a Gatherer, Jungler, or Garrison). Check out each Hero’s Talents before deciding on your strategy.

Once you’ve unlocked a Hero’s Talents, you gain access to their Talent Tree. When you first gain access to it, most of the Talent Tree won’t be linked yet, and most of the Talent Nodes will be unlit. As you unlock new Talents, the concentric circles of the Talent Tree will rotate into place to display the finished Viking emblem on its surface.

Talent Level

You can raise Talent Levels by using the corresponding Hero Statues. The maximum Talent Level is 5.

The cost of raising a Talent’s Level may change according to the total number of Talent Levels a Hero has gained. Every time you raise a Hero’s Talent Level, more Hero Statues may be needed to raise it again.

Hero Equipment

You will unlock the ability to build a Smithy after your Chief’s Hall reaches Level 10. There, you’ll be able to Forge regular and Monster Series Equipment.

Forging different Equipment requires different Materials. You can obtain Materials in a number of ways, including defeating Monsters and Gathering.

Every Hero has 4 Equipment slots: Weapon, Head, Upper, and Lower. Heroes will gain bonuses from their Equipment. You can equip Equipment on the Hero Equipment screen.

You can check on the status of all the Equipment you currently have in the Smithy or your Inventory.

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