Wandering Sword – Useful Tips for Beginners

Gameplay Tips

Sword’s Thunderbolt Swordplay is very incredible too and you get it super early on if you pick sword as your starter weapon (Mount Wanxi boss chest). The ability to wipe out an opponent’s qi build-up basically means you get a free turn.

Yindu in Penetrating meridian essentially gives you a 15% chance of a free turn. I dunno why people are sleeping on this, I consider it to be necessary in every build.

I recommend getting The Great Mountain Cultivation method by consulting Wei Huo in the starter village. It’s just 400 martial art points but you get an invaluable early-game HP buffer. The quest to get it requires you to beat up boars and you will probably need to beef up a bit for that.

You can get the Healthcare Method from Luo village. This requires you to go into the boar woods, but just save beforehand, run in, grab the items and run out.

A chest in boar woods to the far left has the Jianghu Cultivation method, but it’s guarded by a mandatory fight against a wolf.

If you need early tailoring levels, buy cloth in gosu city and make a ton of the basic cloth shoes. This is good because…

The Advanced Jadeite Guanyin statue is absolutely invaluable and can easily carry you to the midgame. Seriously guys this thing sets your cultivation speed comparable to non-crafter grade III accessories and it gives you bonuses to base stats, it’s really good.

You can get ingredients for it from Jade or from fighting human bandits. The blueprint itself is in the purple bamboo village, to the southeast of the beggar sect city (I forget the names). Spar with the fat noble dude for it.

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