Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – How to Beat Orthus on Damnation + Hard Mode

Useful Tips for Beating Orthus

Kit out your group with complementary builds. Four solo builds doesn’t work you need to treat it like an MMO fight. We had an ogryn with a shield and push taunt talent, a commisar vet, a crowd control psyker and a melee zealot.

Your crew being able to delete large quantities of specials quickly is important so choose your weapons accordingly. What worked for us was having the Ogryn chainging shoves and heavies into everything for damage/cc/taunt while the rest of the team cleaned up.

You want to try to break the shields at roughly the same time and focus fire ONE of the bosses down. The one with the plasma cannon was the most annoying so we took him out first. Cake walk once there’s only one dude left.

As far as progressing once the team is in jail? You don’t. Your main focus is making sure people don’t get killed since you lose them completely. I’m sure theres SOMEONE SOMEWHERE who can do this all by their lonesome but that isn’t the way the encounter is built.

If you’re struggling with the fight and are sick of running the level activate and beat hard mode on the lowest difficulty it adds the bells at the start that let you skip straight to the boss on any difficulty.

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  1. Zealot with relic helped our group. Run 2 of em with crit builds to get a lot of extra cdr when carving into the chaff. It’ll keep your guys alive longer in the fights and tox.

    Stack corrupt resis and hp curios.

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