Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – How to Defeat Yremeryss

Tips for Defeating Yremeryss

I did the fight on first try on Daring difficulty.

My team was: Rogue trader – Officer / Master tactician.

Focus on giving extra turns (mainly to Argenta). Key talent: Seize the initiative and Take aim. Go first and burst fools down with Argenta.

  • Abelard: Warrior / Vanguard. Tank in the front and parry, taunt and opportunity attacks.
  • Key skills: Charge (for positioning), Endure (for obvious reasons), Defensive stance (for getting free attacks while taunting) and Taunt (for obvious reasons).
  • Abelard was the only one that went down in the whole fight, it happened when the boss got her free turn (that I wasn’t aware of and was VERY surprised)
  • Leveling up, take all sorts of tanking stuff that you like. I also like Swift movements and Ramming speed to make sure he is always where I need him most.

Argenta: Soldier / Arch militant. This woman is frightening. Just kills everything.

Key talents: Rapid fire and Unfaltering fire and most importantly, Wildfire. Take talents that boost crit damage, too.

Just give her extra actions, burst everything and use Wildfire to get stacks on stacks of Versatility. By round 3, you could be doing around 80-90 damage, per bullet. That you fire a lot.

Cassia: The most ridiculous character.

Officer / Grand strategist. Grand strategist is so that you go first. Everytime, all the time.

Talents: Seize the initiative and all the Navigator stuff. All of them are nuts. Mastery of time is important to boost your Will when anyone gets free turns (Seize the initiative counts, so thats 2 with Cassia and my RT), Officers give them like candy…

I also have Heinrix as Warrior Psyker / Arch militant. He’s kinda there, honestly. Has some good buffs, though.

Last member was a Operative / Bounty hunter merc. Honestly, I’m not he best at building Snipers so won’t even try to give you advice. She shoots stuff good.

This fight, I focused the adds first. After taking out the most dangerous ones, I started unloading on Yremeryss with buffed-up Argenta that at this point probably might make gods bleed to turn her into swiss cheese. She fully healed, shot Abelard (RIP), and little later, she was cooked. Just giving Argenta all the extra turns she can get (with Officers and Heroics) is devastating.

Cassia can do some amazing crowd control, so she disabled one side of the reinforcements alone and started the fight to stare down the ones in front of Yremeryss, most of them failed their Willpower test and were stunned.

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  1. Have a Warrior/Vanguard, Warrior/Assassin, and Sniper all focus on her and her melee fighters up front. I had my Vanguard taunt her and her melee fighters. Used Defensive Stance to keep them busy while landing counter hits. Assassin and Sniper focused on killing Yremeryss. If you’ve been running around with a team of squishies then you’re in big trouble.

  2. My MC is a biomancer Warrior/Vanguard. I had him sit and tank her while Cassia nuked her. I have a devestation staff that lets me cast 2 damage spells a round, and the second one deals more damage.

    She’s a tough boss, lots of HP, heals herself, and her attacks drain your weapon and ballistic skills. So really, someone’s just gotta be strong enough to take her damage, and have Cassia or a psyker with nukes just focus fire her while the other 4 take care of the rest.

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