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Eniripsa Class Tips

From my experience, ‘offense is the best defense’ was the go-to approach in the demo. You were never able to heal through a turn’s worth of damage, so healing was only effective as a means to activate passive abilities that result in more damage. The pure-support role didn’t really work.

  • Scalpel and Rapier Eni focused on healing themselves to proc passives.
  • Kokoro Brush was an armor-stacking tank.
  • Dephasing Eni focused on applying Elemental States to proc phasing.
  • Tamashi was focused on keeping/sacrificing companions.

Do note that things might change a lot from the demo to the beta, so no need to think too hard about this at the moment.

If you want to focus on healing, water is the best choice. And if you play as kokoro brush, there’s a 5 cost super heal. You will have 3.5.6 Cost 3 really good healing spell. And also you can get some Elixir from the ice lab. Those are also solid healing spells.

For your equipment, you need:

  • Spital Ring which +30%healing +1%perlv . You can upgrade another +30% using runes.

I also recommend:

  • Notivity Ring which let you have chance to reduce cost of water spells when drew.
  • The ring’s passive offer HP and water damage.

Please note that in this game, any elemental damage affect anything in that elemental. Including damage, healing, armor etc…

And for the Armband slot, I would recommend:

  • Wet Armband or Swell Armband
  • I prefer using Wet Armband not only because it level up easily but also it can help your team to put on some wet stat. You also can combine it with your ice Aura skills.
  • Swell Armband will let you have higher dps through wet enemies.
  • These two give you passive +20% water damage. and +1%hero atk perlv.

Focus on one element and using 9 cards is the easiest way to manage your deck. But you can still try 12.15 cards double-element strategy. Beside water, Earth spells can also provide really good armor for your team.

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  1. Depending on what you want to heal or deal damage.
    1) Healing is extremely difficult to implement, since the damage indicators are dramatically greater than outgoing healing (even at level 100)
    2) With damage, it’s much easier to take a Scalpel and deal damage for healing yourself (A pretty good version of Enripsia tank)

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