Wayfinder – Wingrave Healer / Support / Tank Build

Wingrave Healer / Support / Tank Build (+ Some DPS)

Build for Wingrave that I’ve been tuning over time as I got the game as I really like playing a support/healer/tank build. Not saying this is a god like or meta build, just one I think is fun and can offer the most support and healing to your team.


Typhoon, 2h axe.

The reason I didn’t go for sword and shield is mainly due to the mastery you get on executioner and the weapon ability on the the weapon above (more below).

The sword and shield is great, it’s just most weapon abilities are dps based or deal break damage (something you do a lot of already), and considering you want to get your melee finishers off all the time, blocking isn’t really a priority. So I see the S&S as a more blocking weapon.

The Typhoons weapon ability causes the enemy or enemies to take 30% more damage, and offers a great support mastery.


  • Righteous strike: max level as you’ll be spamming this all the time and will eventually give resiliance to you and a teammate.
  • Judgement: max level as you’ll be taunting and it will offer heal on hit for teammates and debuff power of the enemies affected.
  • Radiant pulse: only used for the extra defense as trying to position with teammates behind is hard and the upgrades mostly offer damage buffs.
  • Divine aegis: lvl 1, sometimes can be tricky to even get one off in a mutation so I personally don’t invest in it much but the extra duration at lvl 1 is nice.


  • Instinct: level 5 at least, to get better heals on righteous pulse that we’ll be spamming.
  • Discipline: level 5, supporting teammates by giving resilience and yourself.
  • Focus: leve 15, damage reduction and weapon power buffs are nice.

Overall this focuses on supporting the group, the cool-down reduc isn’t as important I feel, and the HOT may not be needed as we already have good healing, so it means we can buff the team more.


Executioner, Stalwart Momentum.

One of the two reasons I switch to 2h, at level 3 this gives yourself nice damage reduction and a damage shield to all teammates, I feel this is the best mastery for buffing teammates.


As we aren’t using sword and shield, we need to make up for the loss of resiliance and physical defense, so main priorities are:

  • Health (stay alive, also affects the mastery).
  • Resilience (being interrupted means you can’t trigger righteous strike).
  • Ability power (only if this affects wingraves healing, not sure if it does).
  • Break power (largely covered by our 2h axe).
  • Defense of course for obvious reasons.


  • The first: buffs teammates (resiliance, weapons and ability power, 10% for 10s).
  • Trickster: taunt and can debuff enemies.
  • Broodmothers: helps us stay alive.

Rest is up to you and suggested stats.

Buff and Debuff Overview

Aim is to be tanky, heal and support teammates. Wielding a 2h offers more dps than a sword and shield too, the buff teammates so we can all kill the boss faster.

  • Damage shield of 10% max hp every 15s.
  • Restore guardbreak meter by 10%.
  • 10% damage reduction.
  • 5% weapon power.
  • 30% weapon power.
  • Strong break power.
  • +10% resiliance, weapon/ability power.
  • Chance to debuff enemies on roll.
  • Cause enemies to take 30% more damage.
  • Healing.

Most of these buffs are from completing a melee finisher which is why reliance is important.

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