Wildfrost – Beginner Tips

General Tips

The final boss just doesn’t care much about poison because he has 80 HP. Just because bosses are immune to snow doesn’t make it worse than poison. Bosses are never alone, and they’re not a threat on their own. Snow neutralizes enemies, and gives you time to buff up your team and kill the enemies without letting them get a chance to act. Snow also scales well with plenty of companion cards as well, mainly Yuki and to a lesser extent Wallop. (The bear you mentioned)

Yuki receives a permanent attack boost per stack of snow you apply on enemies. You start with 2 cards that apply 2 snow, as well as a pet that applies snow every time it attacks. Yuki can scale up infinitely. Charms and cards that provide frenzy make Yuki insanely powerful. The balance charm (sets all stats to 3) is also great on her because Yuki’s default HP and ATK is 1 and default counter is 4. If you get a charm that provides snow give it to your pet or old snow dude and watch Yuki scale up like crazy. There’s also a consumable card that you may obtain that inflicts 12 stacks of snow.

There’s also Foxy. Foxy attacks 3 times per action by default. That means he gets triple the returns from attack boosts. Luckily, you start with a card that boosts attack on your deck, so Foxy is a great damage dealer from the get go just like Yuki. If you get any charms boost attack Foxy is the way to go. The balance charm is also super strong on him, because it gets his attack to 3 from 1, tripling his damage output to 9 per action by default. Pick cards that apply spice because they’re very powerful on him. There’s also the companion Pyra, which grants 6 stacks of spice to the ally in front of her. From this alone Foxy can get to 7 attack, meaning 21 damage. Charms that say “apply X” are also great on Foxy because Foxy would be applying them 3 times.

If you get unlucky and get neither Yuki nor Foxy, fret not because Chompom is here. This fella scales up with shell. Sadly, you don’t start with any shell applying cards in your deck, so you will need to look for those to turn him into a monster just like Yuki. Frenzy cards and charms are also great on him, assuming you have the shell stacks. Kernel and Shelly are also great companions with him around.

Wallop inflicts 12 damage by default against enemies with snow, and considering that you start with 2 cards that inflict 2 snow and a pet that inflict snow on hit, she’s a decent companion from the get go. Unlike the companions above, however, she’s also kind of a trap because:

  1. She can only deal good damage against non-boss enemies.
  2. Making sure to snow before she attacks may not always be possible.
  3. Snowing an enemy who’s about to get killed by her is lost value.

She’s a decent front-line though, so there’s that. She benefits from some charms, but I honestly believe that to be a waste.

Poison companions are good. One has frenzy but aimless, and another applies extra poison whenever he gets hit. The first scales greatly with attack buffs, while the latter scales greatly with frenzy, shell, and HP buffs.

Most leaders are really powerful. Any leader with any amount of Frenzy is an auto-pick. Barrage is also great. Leaders that apply snow are very strong too. There’s also a companion that gives a random ally frenzy on death and has 1 hp. If your leader has great attack, deploy this companion first and make it take a hit to get give your leader frenzy.

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