Wildmender – Glossary Guide




You need water to live! Your water drains more quickly in the heat of the afternoon, when standing in direct sunlight, or when exerting yourself. If you run out of water, you’ll start losing Health instead. Water may be poisoned or corrupted, but can still be bottled and drank in desperation.


Without food, you’ll starve! Most food comes from the seeds and fruit of plants, and can be cultivated to grow more. If you run out of food, you’ll start losing Health instead.


Your ability to survive damage from the many threats in the world. Health recovers slowly if you’re well fed and watered, and faster from certain foods and medicines. If your Health reaches 0, you’ll die and become a ghost – but can be reborn at your home spring.


The personal energy you use to work magic – it recovers fairly quickly if you’re healthy. You’ll use this to power many artifacts, tools, and abilities.


A spiritual energy given off by all living things. You can collect Essence from living plants as night falls, and use it to commune with spirits or in magical crafting. The more Essence you hold, the faster your Mana recovers.



Contact or consumption with poisonous materials or magics is causing you to lose health over time.

Sun Exposure

While in the sun, your thirst increases. During the afternoon the sun’s heat is at its worst. Seek shade!

Movement Speed

Movement speed is increased, caused by walking on paths or the Flower Path ability from the Memory Seed.

Cloak of Winds

The Cloak’s power is currently active, draining your mana but slowing falls and allowing use of its other abilities


At night, a magic aurora that increase mana regeneration


Healing over time, applied by items such as poultices.

High Altitude

While in the Mountains, a chilling cold that increases your hunger without magical protection.

Poison Fog

While in the Canyons, a choking fog that slowly poisons your health without magical protection.


While in the Salt Flats, a heat wave that increases your thirst without magical protection.



A skill learned early on that allows you to slide down dunes quickly. Vidyas can teach you how, once you return some of their memories.


Most natural rock faces, and many structures, can be freely scaled, although some temples and wraith structures are not climbable.


With the right tools, you can slowly float down from high terrain and structures. The wind will affect the direction and speed at which you can float.

Sigil Gates

A structure that allows teleportation to other restored Sigil Gates. They appear to combine magical sigil craft with roots buried deep into the earth.


Plant Stage


Plants that are still growing, are more fragile, and will not produce a harvest.


Plants that are fully grown, and will generally produce regular harvests.

Soil Quality


Soil that has been drained of all life, and is inhospitable to almost all plants and creatures. Only intensely dangerous magics can corrupt soil in this way, and only extremely powerful magics can restore it to health.


Soil bound and enriched by natural processes, such as the growth of grasses. Arable soil is capable of supporting healthier and more varied plants than loose sand.


Loose sand that is suitable for very little growth outside of native species.


Soil that will support plants native to the Dunes especially well. It appears to be gone from the world as you find it.


Soil that will support plants native to the Salt Flats especially well. It appears to be gone from the world as you find it.


Soil that will support plants native to the Canyons especially well. It appears to be gone from the world as you find it.


Soil that will support plants native to the Mountains especially well. It appears to be gone from the world as you find it.


Soil that has been drained of life and remains burnt. It will not support most life, but is not actively harmful.


Not Enough Space

Plants that will grow large need sufficient space to take root. Other plants, structures, and natural terrain can prevent larger plants placement.

Too Crowded

Some plants prefer an abundance of space in their immediate area, and will grow and produce more slowly if too many other plants are growing nearby.

Will Drown

Most plants cannot survive underwater, and will be damaged if fully submerged in water.


Many plants will struggle or fail to survive in mostly lifeless soils.


Plants may not do well in certain types of soils, often including sandier soils, or soils very different than their native habitats.


All plants have a preferred habitat where they will be most productive and healthy. Few of these habitats still survive naturally in the world at the moment.


A plant with no water will slowly wilt and die.


Humid conditions will fulfill some of a plant’s water needs, but not enough for it to really thrive. Humidity is provided by some nearby springs.

Rich Soil

Covering the ground around a plant with fertilizer will benefit its growth.

Plant Status


This plant is being damaged because it is submerged in water.


This plant needs some water. Consider moving it closer to flowing water, or if that’s not possible, water it with your bottle.

Enjoying direct light

This plant is growing and producing more readily with access to light, rather than being hidden in shadow.

Wants more light

This plant is growing and producing less successfully because it is being shadowed by plants, buildings, or terrain.

Enjoying the shade

This plant is growing and producing more readily in the shade, rather than being in direct sunlight.

Wants shade

This plant is growing and producing less successfully because it prefers being shadowed by plants, buildings, or terrain.


Some vines and fungi need larger plants or structures to climb to be healthy.


Crowded plants are growing or producing less successfully due to an overabundance of other plants nearby.


Status displayed when a plant is losing health because of poisoned soil


Plants become tired after a number of harvests, increasing the time between subsequent harvests.


“Tired” plants will become Exhausted after a further number of harvests. Exhausted plants will not produce further harvests until Refreshed with fertilizer.

A Drained Husk

Dead plants in wasteland and corrupt areas are drained, and will not show a ghost.

Seed Status


Seeds and produce still healthy enough to be planted and generally the best food to eat when low on water.


Seeds that have started to rot. You can still eat them in a pinch, but they’ll make you sick. Planted in good soil they’ll thrive as well as anything.


Old, dried-out seeds that can no longer be planted. You can eat them, but they take more water to digest.



Home Tree

A strange twisted trunk growing by a spring near where you awoke in the world. It seems with great knowledge you may be able to grow its strength.


The dead remains of trees and other plants stand where they once grew. Many contains ghosts or other spirits that come out at night.


Buildings dedicated to the life and spirits of the world. The largest and most grand temples are dedicated to the gods.



Vast areas of once-fertile land, now buried by sand. The hillls and valleys were favored by the goddess Naia.

Salt Flats

Salt lies thick on the ground and in the air here, sapping water from anything living. It appears that it may have once been a great sea, but is now drained of all water and life. It once was occupied by fishers, sailors, and the goddess Stryge.


A once grand city carved into the rock of this land. Thick, choking poison now fills the area. It was once watched over by the god Gleb.


The highest reaches of this land, which has always been sparsely populated except by those seeking spiritual enlightenment and favor of Oros, the God of Time. The cold of the high mountains will rapidly deplete your food as your body tries to warm itself. This effect becomes stronger at night.

Difficulty Options

Limited Rebirth

You can be reborn at your spring a limited number of times – with some help, you can prepare additional rebirths in advance. If you run out of rebirths, you will not be able to continue the game.

No Turning Back

Once you start a game with No Turning Back enabled, you cannot change the difficulty settings further

Retain Items on Death

You will keep items currently in your inventory when you return to the spring as a ghost.

Fatal Poison

If enabled, poison damage will be able to directly reduce your health to 0

Spawn Hazards

Enables the smaller weather hazards such as dust devils and fumes

Spawn Dust Storm

Enables the vast dust storms that cross the map. Minerals and other resources will still respawn periodically if the dust storm is disabled.

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