Wildmender – How to Deal with High Dehydration in the Salt Flats

What do you do against the high dehydration in the salt flats?

Salt Flats

After you complete the first outpost, which is located nearer the edge of the salt flats, and bring the shard back to the guide, you’ll get to craft the water ring, which would slow dehydration.

You can also find some blocked springs around the flats as well as unlocking sigil gates (bring acorns and wood!).

A few sure sigil gates are located at the light houses.

Hope this helps! 

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  1. I just powered through it to a deeper sigil gate and activated it, even though it did cost me a life from dehydration since I didn’t have the essence to teleport back. From there I awakened a spring that was a single flat over and I had a sustainable garden deep into the area.

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