Wildmender – How to Play Multiplayer?

How to Play

Complete the tutorial up to breaking the glowing circle that envelops your oasis. Once you complete the step, you should see a message saying that multiplayer is now available.

Multiplayer Is Now Available

Next, on the multiplayer session host’s computer, hit ESC and then click “Invite Other Player(s)”. You will then see a join code appear.

Hosting Server

  • Please note that the game cannot be paused while it is open to multiplayer.
  • Give the join code to the friends you wish to join you.
  • On the client (player joining the host session) side, click “Join Other Player(s)” in the Main Menu, and enter the join code your friend gave you.
  • Wait for the game to load the map, and you’re ready to garden and explore the world together!

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