Winter Memories – Achievements Guide


Every 1.000 Yen offering at the shrine will open one of the 12 achievement hints. Or you just check this guide.

  1. Start pixel sex 10 times.

Unlocks optional close up sex cam.

  1. Cover 10 different rooms in cum. You need to cum 9 times in a room to completely cover it in cum.

Unlocks covering a room in cum completely by just cumming once.

  1. You need to have sleep sex several times, for this you need the right skills. Nightwalker, sleep fuck, sleep titfuck and sleep blowjob. You need to collect 50 points with this and it seems you can gather up to 8 points per sleep sex.

Unlocks the option for the girls to never wake up during sleep sex.

  1. Use the clean up skill 20 times. You can technically do this 20 times in a row in the same room, but your stamina must be higher than 200 because each cleaning costs 10 stamina.

Unlocks the option to clean all rooms at once with just one click.

  1. Take 50 photos in total.

Unlocks the ability to take naughty photos.

  1. You can miss this if you skip the camera tutorial so: just take a picture of whatever you want.

Unlocks the photo album.

  1. Play every minigame at least once. The minigames are:

Unlocks the option to skip all minigames and win instantly.

  • Math
  • Dish washing
  • Menko
  • Training with Kagami
  • Cooking
  • Serve food at the restaurant
  • Fishing
  • Calligraphy (from january 1st onwards)
  • Ring toss (only possible during shrine festival)
  • Target shooting (only possible during shrine festival)
  1. Change the status of each girl once. You do this by having sex for a relatively long time to fill the boxes above their lewdness, service or perversion bar. Filling just one box should be enough.

Unlocks the option to manually change a girls status.

  1. Just play the full Akari route.

Unlocks the ability to parry in Menko.

  1. Collect all 30 normal panties from the girls. Each girl has 3 normal panties. The easiest way is to beat each of them in Menko. To be able to challenge a girl to a game of Menko you need to complete Akari’s Menko hunters storyline, you can then challenge all girls whose route is completed.

Unlocks the option to choose which underwear each girl is wearing.

  1. Cum 30 times during pixel sex. You can cheese this by just cumming (middle mouse or space) without starting to actually fuck. Just start sex, instantly cum, click the girl again, instantly cum again, rinse and repeat.

Unlocks the option to make you uncle oblivious, no need to be silent or clean up anymore.

  1. You must have unlocked the ending for all of the 10 girls. Just unlock them, you don’t have to watch every ending.

Unlocks the ability to call and choose up to 3 girls in any combination for sex. This is needed for the EX stories. If you start a NG+ with all your skills but the girls reset to 0 you will still have the ability but can’t call anyone until all endings are unlocked again.

Threesome & Foursome

Like mentioned above, completing the route of all 10 girls unlocks the 4P (foursome) option, but you don’t need to select 3 girls, you can also start 3P (threesome) sex with this by just selecting 2 girls.

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