Winter Memories – Tips for Ring Toss Mini Game

How to Get the 80K Score

Just keep making lines. You get bonuses that increase each time you complete a line. They are small at first, but eventually you will be getting 5k+ points for each line you make.

Don’t even pay attention to the items that are in the line, just focus on completing the line itself.

Also, try to land the ring at the top kind of like the critical area for the menko game (if you play it).

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  1. Depending on the Item-Icons: Lowest to highest points:
    Drink < Bubble Gum < Protein < Viagra drink < Elixir
    The more you hunt for the higher items, the easier the lining gets. Means: You look for the highest points (My advice is to go for Protein-Drinks, Viagra Drink and Elixiers) and form lines with them. You get it pretty easy.

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