Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Weaknesses of Some Bosses

Boss Weaknesses

  • Fengxi (The Boar) is apparently weak against Earth. I used a Wood based build and had no issues against it.
  • Aoye is is apparently weak against Wood. Didn’t drive me crazy the way he does for other people because I used a Wood build, but he’s still incredibly unpredictable move wise and he covers a lot of area really easily because of its size and all its limbs.
  • Lu Bu is weak against Water. Had to switch both times to deal with him. That just helps a little, Lu Bu is still very much a parry-focus fight instead of elemental phase vs elemental phase, but water helps.
  • Sun Jian is weak to Wood.
  • Dong Zhuo is apparently weak to Earth and Water. I managed just fight fine with Wood.
  • Zhang Liao is apparently weak to Earth and Wood.
  • Liu Bei is weak to Fire. I had to change my stats for this fight before reverting back to Wood for the rest of the game (Lu Bu being the only other time).

For anyone else reading also remember to alter your armor. If a boss uses Wood phase attacks then also equip armor with strong Wood defenses. Don’t just focus on altering your magic or focusing on just your weapon.

  • Wood: Strong against Earth, but weak against Metal.
  • Earth: Strong against Water, but weak against Wood.
  • Water: Strong against Fire. but weak against Earth.
  • Fire: Strong against Metal, but weak against Water.
  • Metal: Strong against Wood, but weak against Fire.

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