World Boxing Manager – General Tips

General Tips for New Players

The game is indeed slow to get going unless you just grind sparing with students every 3 days or get really lucky with a generational guy.

You do however need to manage the fights…it’s a management sim after all. It’s really not that tedious when you know what strats to use for the type of boxer you have and/or the type of opponent they have.

The strategies are pretty easy to figure out with the round by round outcomes like types of punches landed and countered, etc. and once you know them by boxer archtype it can be set for a whole match usually.

You also just need to just keep cutting students until you get good ones (at least 5 in everything and at least 7 or 8 in their achetypes stats) and then spar them to uncover their traits.

A decent Boxer archetype is generally the best in the game and you can tell them to Use Jab, Stick and Move, Bob and Weave for 99% of matches and just sim the whole match.

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