WRC – Optimized Settings / No Stutters

Optimized 80 FPS Settings / Zero Stutters and Mostly Ultra Settings

Copy these settings:

I’ll explain some of these. The values that are on ultra look significantly better at a minimal frame loss.

  • Shadows and ground cover look almost identical to ultra, at a major fps difference.
  • Dynamic objects is on medium, not because of performance reasons, but because high and ultra are both broken, as it makes huge chunks of foliage draw in one frame. It’s very distracting while driving. You can put this on ultra if you don’t mind the major pop in problems. I am certain this is hard coded by Codemasters and cannot be fixed by any tweak. Setting it to high may be safe in most stages.
  • Car reflections add detailed screenspace reflections at a major loss to FPS, ultra low to low makes the game 25% slower. Ultra low to Ultra has a 40% performance drop.

Interesting observations:

  • Tree quality controls LoD distance for almost all dynamic and roadside objects. This includes bushes and crowds. This is why Ultra is a MUST. Even at high, you will see frequent LoD shifts.
  • Post processing quality handles a few things. Ultra low completely disables screenspace reflections. High adds proper ambient occlusion.
  • The crowd setting barely reduces performance, and low to high mostly increases the amount of people, while ultra adds very nice details and variety to crowds, some roadside FIA employees will wear yellow vests for instance.
  • Weather setting controls both the density of raindrops and snowflakes, but also the amount of things in the air. Planes, birds and insects buzzing around the track. This is why you don’t want to lower this setting in general.
  • Mirrors don’t affect FPS on my system, yes I checked in cockpit view.

For some reason, EA WRC has lots of misinformation regarding settings due to people applying their DR2.0 knowledge to this game, like how crowds and mirrors would tank FPS in that game, but not here.

If you have a Gsync/Freesync screen, you must run the game in borderless to avoid stutters or input lag.

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