Xenosaga Episode III – Walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough

By Khdigifantasy13.

If using PCSX2, set render setting in Game Properties to Manual hacks and turn on Align and Merge sprites to fix cutscenes.

Prologue: Vector S-Division

  • If you loaded XS 2 save data, be sure to equip the Vector uniform
  • Follow path, examine segment door 8,  and tutorials to a large yellow door
    • Take the ramp on the right first to a corridor of items
  • Once back in front of the door, inside destroy the structures in order of the colors shown on the floor
  • This room, branching paths lead to items, enemies block path to progress
    • Battle system has become a bit more simplified to generic options of Attack, Ether (Magic), and Special Abilities that use your Boost to use
    • Finishing an enemy with a Special Ability gives a 1.5x boost to the EXP and SP they drop
    • The break gauge is the red bar by everyboyd’s HP, even enemies have visible HP and Break bars
      • Break, in this game, doesn’t let you act, defend, boost, and drastically increases chance to receive crits
  • Continue to next area, go W to first monitor to chest
    • SE to another monitor, head W all the way around to a purple monitor
    • Head back to the yellow monitor for path to chest and red monitor
    • Head back E to warp out
  • Continue forward to warp in N end of room
  • E warp to monitor, W warp to monitor, N monitor, S monitor to warp out
  • Examine red button for boss

Pedea Island

  • Next area, trees and rocks drop items when hit. Inside the water the giant rock just S of the hole in the middle will have Decoder 8
  • SW exit to monitor to continue

Chapter 1: Space above Floating Continent

  • First ES battle, EN determines how many attacks you get per turn, just use the highest costing one for now as you don’t have enough energy for more. Anima allows special attack and lower EN cost after meter fills
  • After the first battle to a boss, try to finish with a Special Attack

Chapter 2: 5th Jerusalem

  • W to elevator, E to city map, S to South District
    • E side has an item/weapon store, don’t buy any armor
  • Head N and E to the park, speak to Dario and Paola in NE corner
  • Go back SW to last area, NW to hotel to Allen
  • Before going up, talk to Hermi sitting in the booth
  • Go back to Dario for a new piece of armor
  • Head back to the hotel elevator, examine the monitor and head to the café SW of the hotel
  • Go to the city map to CAT Testing Ground

CAT Testing Ground

  • Go N to the transport, up the stairs to NW door
  • After scenes, S to next, grab chest in E for Decoder 4
  • Outside room, head N around to transport
  • Continue E past another scene to the next room, inside the 2nd crevasse is a stair to a switch
  • Go back up and continue E to elevator down and left room

5th Jerusalem Part 2

  • Head back to the park and all the way around NE to the Isakios, speak to him twice
  • Go to the cafe, speak to Oxana at the counter and speak the password “Double Whammy”
  • Go into the back and speak to Kesar for another armor
  • Go back to the hotel and rest, then head for the spaceport
  • Head back to the hotel to Allen to unlock skills, talk to Allen to progress

CAT Training Ground Infiltration

  • One upside you’ll see right away, you get almost your entire party already, and everyone gets SP this time around
    • However, the reserve characters only receive about 3/4 of EXP and SP
    • Don’t use Miyuki, she’s not a bad character, she just doesn’t stick around, good for healing outside of battle. Medica S All is a scam outside of battle, heads up. 
  • S to weapon shop slab and W to enter area
  • NW to elevator down to move floor
  • SW stairs to segment door 10 and another moveable floor
  • Back up to get to N door, take transport, NW room has an accessory
  • Back, N door around to transport #5, continue to an elevator
  • Continue further to another elevator and a door, go through the door and hit the switch then go back to go down the elevator
  • Down to a pretty easy puzzle, just get the first two and last two matching and use the ends to get them in line
  • Up the elevator will be an immediate door to another switch
  • Back and continue NE, continue straight forward for a while until you enter the room after the two AWGS fights
    • Behind the 4 boxes in the NW corner is segment door 4 with a weapon for Kos Mos
  • Back in the room, examine button to bring elevator to chest, then back up to exit E
  • Go to the middle NW corner to switch to chest, NE to exit, continue forward to save and down elevator
  • Follow Abel to Kos Mos continue to next save point and go forward until some AWGS jump out.
    • Immediately swing back around to stay near the save point to fight them all and heal when you need
  • Once they’re gone, continue forward to a boss, defeat for Decoder 9

Chapter 3: Elsa

  • First, W out of room, talk to the white bunny before any shopping
    • Far NW to Men’s living quarters for armor for Jr. or Chaos
    • In W room to restaurant, play Hakrox in NW corner, clear the first 10 levels for Decoder 2
    • B1 go to next room, talk to everyone, NE corner destroy for segment door 9 and the chest to unlock Erde Kaiser
    • Go further S to the hangar for a chest and the NW corner to destroy for segment door 14
    • Shops have been updated
    • Green slab, return to Vector for segment door 8 for Tears River, increase dropped money
    • Pedia Lake,  can visit Shion’s shack to get her swimsuit
  • Once you’re ready, head to the SW lift to exit Elsa to the next area

Floating Continent

  • Continue forward 2 screens, you’ll know when you see a giant wall and giant pink crystals
    • Go back a room and this is a good grinding spot, this enemy will always respawn and the exit is nearby. ES battles tend to give more EXP and SP than foot battles.. Also, all characters in battle will get the full amount, meaning if Jin is the reserve, that’s 6 characters getting full EXP and SP.
    • I personally leave Jin out because I like using him on foot so I know he’ll catch up later. 
  • N up the ramps to a cave, far W up to a chest
    • 2nd from the left up to a crystal drop to segment door 12
    • E down, and just keep going up, it’s actually more straight forward than it seems
  • Once the crystal is destroyed, head up to a boss
  • After the battle head inside, this area is fairly straight forward, keep going straight until you’re in the large room with moving floors. NW corner hit red button twice to get to elevator
  • Next rooms are easy as well, once you get to the save point go NE outside
  • NE destroy rocks and grave and this will lead to a boss

Chapter 4: Forest

  • W and NW to some destroyable bushes across from the save point to a chest
  • Head E, get party, continue E all around and up the hill in the next area to a hidden entrance at the top
  • On the giant log, near the chest only break the 2 branches on the left, not the right one
    • S of the save point take the path to get the EX skill key 1 to unlock new skills for everyone
  • After the scenes in the church, head outside and NW to the area map, SE to the mines

Dabrye Mine

  • Use the store slab to invest in some 1/2 Lightning accessories
  • Head inside, be careful of the enemies here, aim for the blue mutants first, they have a lightning attack that hits the party and stacks fast
  • Head NE, N around halfway to a breakable wall near some emerald stalagmites
    • Follow path inside to a hidden segment door 1
  • Back and continue forward to the next room with a save, continuing forward leads to a boss, aim for Mai first, try to steal from her as well for a Kajic Neck, a necklace that increases how much HP recovery ethers heal
    • Mai also drops Decoder 11
  • Continue forward to the Elsa

Chapter 5: Miltia

  • Head to B1 for scenes, head out of cave and NW to city
    • After the scenes don’t actually enter the city yet, head directly E from red triangle for 2 chests
    • NE chest on map requires code 5 1 5 0, SE does not
  • Red triangle, head E to the Challenge Coupon booth, pick 68, 37, 12
  • NW up platform check the garbage bin near the vending machines for federal report
  • Next area SW corner, destroy nearby door to another federal report
  • Head to N area, E to destroy objects for Federal Report 2
  • Head NW to the next area

Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility

  • SE to elevator to 4F, enter the 2nd door in NE hall, W to 1st door, and back to Mizrahi
  • Head back to the elevator to 5F and to 2nd room and examine right monitor
  • Go to the room at the end of the hall
  • Exit the facility and leave

Chapter 6: Elsa

  • Go to Dabrye Mine to Mai to get Decoder 15
  • Head back and to the restaurant to examine the game, exit for a boss
    • After boss, before leaving, use the shop slab to buy some 1/2 beam accessories, you’re going to want it for this next area
  • Head back to Labyrinthos


  • Go E and follow all the way around to a blocked gate and segment door 15 for a weapon for Jin
  • N door, E through blocks to door to scene
  • Continue forward W all the way to an elevator
  • Continue forward again to NW and straight till you get to a puzzle room
    • Destroy top row only box
    • Row 3 right block
    • Row 3 block
    • SW block and follow each block to get both in the corners and open up the doors
  • Continue NE to scene, SE to another, examine flashing yellow on desk 
  • W door back to beginning and down the central elevator
  • Continue forward again, it’s a straight shot to the next save point
  • Continue forward again to ESs and make way far W to a save and shop point.
    • This room is an incredibly good place to farm SP. The new ES upgrades in the shop will let you sit here and mash attack with a nearby save point to heal and door to respawn.
    • MAKE SURE TO EQUIP KILL-R TO STOP REVENGE ATTACKS, this will make ES battles so much easier as they cant interrupt and counter you.
  • Continue up the ramp, Center then right to a boss

Chapter 7: Miltia

  • Go back to the A district Challenge Coupon for your winnings
  • Head back to Labyrinthos


  • Platform down, go to center rom directly in front of the platform (Not around to next room), item inside
  • Now follow the path ahead to Area 13 door
  • SE to segment door 5 behind breakable boxes, NW and continue path to large room, 4th row left door for Decoder 13
  • NE stairs up to next scene, NW first branch leads to key to NW staff door
  • 2nd path leads to Shion and a boss


  • SE to next area, SW to debris for Federal Report 4, E to UTIC transport to destroy for Federal Report 3
  • E and just below the building will be McDowell covered in debris for Federal Report 5
  • SE to save and store, invest in some 1/2 Ice accessories for next boss
  • SW to next area and a boss
  • Head S and into the tunnel, it’s a straightforward path outside 
  • E to SE ramp up, NW corner for Federal Report 7
  • Go E and down to SW, destroy object to the final Federal Report 8
  • Continue towards Labyrinthos

Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility

  • E to breakable door to stairway
  • 2F first room to turn in the Federal Reports for Decoder 7, segment door right next to door to this room
  • SE to stairway to 4F, NE door, SW Door
  • DON’T go W yet, go just around the debris to the S, step on the switch near the R corner to open the door and save the man inside and get Decoder 5 in the room
  • Go far SW to red button for sprinklers, W door to stairs
  • Go down for a ES upgrade, the up to the 5F 
  • NE corner near guard monitor to unlock door
  • 1st door has chest in NW corner, go to last door for a boss

Disc 2 Chapter 8: Merkabah

  • Store slab has new equipment
    • EVS to Labyrinthos and segment door 5 just inside the Area 13 door
  • Speak to Mathews to go to Merkabah
  • Go inside, immediately W to NW corner for EX skill key 2
  • N room, save is in the center, W gate
  • 3rd platform follow path up to exit, hit the red button in the center
  • Back to bottom floor center elevator, NW to first alcove to Decoder 10
  • Continue N and destroy all 4 locks, all the way S to destroy 4 more
  • Head all the way back to the red switch on the top level, use E elevator to go back down
  • Go back to center elevator and N end into the door and examine the console
  • Back to the top floor SW door, E elevator, W door
  • N door, destroy all beams, outside W elevator down
  • Go back to the control console up the center elevator, destroy the centerpiece for each room
    • NW room leads to Decoder 12
    • NE room leads to Segment door 11 for a very useful accessory that raises max Boost
    • You’ll know when you got them all when a scene with a door unlocking shows
  • NE to lead to hallway to a scene
  • Back on the Elsa, use the EVS for segment doors:
    • Segment door 10 in CAT Testing Ground at the beginning for a new armor for Kos Mos
    • Segment door 12 in Floating Landmass at the bottom of the hill for a new weapon for Shion
    • Go back to where you met Sellers, N switch, back to W elevator to 2F and go completely N for a new ES Energy tank (750)
  • Talk to Mathews to continue


  • Park area for Segment door 6 in NW corner behind a breakable structure
  • 3rd Residence has a save NW to next room
  • NW, W, NE up ramp, W to green switch
    • E and upstairs to 2nd door for decent accessory
  • Near beginning, far SE room for scenes
  • Far W down the stairs in the center to another room for scenes
  • Head to the Isolation Chamber for a boss
  • Shop is update. once ready, talk to Mathews to move on
    • MAKE SURE to grab the accessory chip that increases charging HP for ESs it’s a huge boost

Abel’s Ark

  • 1st intersection right path, 2nd right path, 3rd right path to EX skill key 3
  • Back to 3rd and take left path, follow till you get to another scene
    • Use store slab to make sure you have D-Kill-C on all ESs
    • Grab Jin’s strongest sword New Moon, you can’t make great use of it right now, but when you get EN increases he can do great damage
    • Each boss will have a specific element that they combo into OHKO a party member, can drastically reduce this with element accessories
  • Enter Blue orb first, hardest of the 4
    • May want 1/2 Beam accessories on ESs
    • Area 1: Rotating room, middle W side to Decoder 14
      • NE corner for Sage Ring, increases HP, EP, and BL VERY WORTH IT
    • Area 2: NE to crystal
    • Area 3: NE crystal leads to segment door 13 for accessory that gives 50 EP and large boost to rare items
    • W crystal leads to boss
      • Make sure to equip the item they drop
  • Enter Green orb
    • May want 1/2 Ice accessories on ESs
    • Area 1: Go down to kill all enemies, shoot crystal all the way to the top and race back to the bottom for warp crystal
    • Area 2: Same as last room, except right bottom crystal leads to Segment door 2, give you new energy tank with 990 EN
    • Left bottom crystal leads to boss
      • Make sure to equip the item they drop
  • Enter Red orb
    • May want 1/2 Fire accessories on ESs
    • Next crystal, green crystal to HP increase to Zebulun
    • Purple to move orange block near entrance
    • Yellow to continue to another orange block
    • Back to Purple to get to next area 
    • Go through each path to hit the orange blocks in this order
      • Green, Yellow, White, Purple
    • Continue down path, W to chest for another EN boost, then NE to boss
      • Make sure to equip the item they drop
  • Enter Yellow orb
    • May want 1/2 Lightning accessories on ESs
    • NW first branch to ES accessory slot increase
    • NE to crystal, in this area you have to go back and forth between domains to create path NW to final crystal in ES form
      • Equip ESs with D-Kill R instead of C
    • Continue to the boss
  • Once all orbs are finished, equipe D-Kill R and 1/2 Beam
  • Continue up to the center for another 2 bosses
    • Last one drops God’s Experience that increases everyone’s EXP obtained by 50% when wearer deals finishing blow.

Final Chapter: Elsa

  • Best Weapon locations
    • Shion: Obtain Rough Geocrystal on Floating Landmass by segment door 12, go to monitor by the 3 slabs to talk to Miyuki till she gives you an item. You can refine into a Geo Crystal by talking to the bunny in the women’s room, go back to Miyuki to get the item.
    • Kos-Mos: Store slab, KWP-XX
    • Jinn: Store slab, buy VB-Crimson and talk to Panache in men’s shower room to exchange
    • Jr.: Finish difficulty level 5 in Hakox mini game
    • Ziggy: Trade Sephirotic Cane x99 to Cabrillo near ES elevator, Sephirotic Cane is dropped by enemies in the last 2 rooms of the Underground Ruins
    • Chaos: Talk to Elsa barkeep for Grief Stone, go to all 4 orbs on Abel’s Ark and examine where the bosses were. Then go to the center where Yuriev was
    • Momo: Speak to Kamikazee in Women’s room, go to Durandal docks and speak to Alby
      • Go to the park and speak to Alby in front of right door. Enter and go to SE corner to find Alby to receive Heaven’s Door. 
      • Go to Valencia in B1 ES Hanger, then talk to Kamikazee again
  • Segment door 14 in B1 ES hangar
  • When ready, take ES lift outside


  • Follow the path to a boss
  • Continue path to another scene, immediately on your left is a ramp up to an enemy near a chest for Night Moon, increasing SP per battle
  • NE up to destroyable doors, door 4 for chest, door 3 to continue
  • Save point here and continue for a boss
  • Continue forward to next area

Archon Cathedral

  • NE to scene, this area is the best place to grind in the game, 2 respawning enemies that can have up to 6 enemies at a time giving 50-70 SP if you have the boost accessories equipped.
    • Nearby save as well, and they drop Ether Cores that can be sold for a lot of money
  • Equip DKill R+C and 1/2 Beam, NE ad N to a boss
  • NW room for a switch, go down the elevator

Immigrant Fleet Isolated Lab

  • #5 elevator to E door for a switch
  • #4 elevator to S door to SW stairs
  • Follow SW moving floor to get to destroyable console in the middle to let you get to NW switch
  • Back to the ESs, go S, E to 2nd path, dock at the first stairs to W button
  • Enter unlocked door, destroy Zohar parts that the picture above the door shows
    • Equip D-Kill R+C and 1/2 Fire
  • Go inside for a boss
    • After battle, examine floor for Margulis’ sword
  • Go back to the plates and the stairway across from it to enter the door and elevator down
  • 2nd intersection to room with switch, first intersection to door
  • Left at intersection to scene, back and go right then left at next to cart down

Final Area: Miktam Underground Ruins

  • Don’t step on the circle yet, go E and step on the next circle
  • Then follow path avoiding the other circles till you get to a chest with armor for Jinn
  • Go back and down SW to another circle, S to NE to one more to make a path to a chest and the exit
  • W at intersection for save, continue N to a boss
  • Head straight N to red crystal twice
  • Head N to next save point, continue N to 2 bosses
  • Head back to save point for final save, then continue to the final boss. This boss constantly changes its resistances. And completely null some, including physical.
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