Walkthrough Guide was created by Volodymyr Azimoff in March 2023.

How often while playing a game have you had the need to make sure you made the right decision? And what if there is an alternative way to solve a puzzle or defeat the next boss? These are valid and logical questions for every gamer. You are in the right place. Our site is a concentration of gaming content to help you find the right answers in any part of the game. Including gameplay customization, bug fixes, and finding workarounds.

Walkthrough Guide was created exclusively for the gaming community and it didn’t happen that long ago. The idea was nurtured for several years until it finally took shape in the spring of 2023. I have tried many designs and I think this is the best and simplest. If you have any ideas to improve it, feel free to share your opinion via the contact back form.

The basis of WG I decided to take the walkthroughs of the games. This will allow every gamer to find exactly the checkpoint that only they need. No endless searching for answers to a specific question. We open the walkthrough and immediately see the full picture. I don’t use the spoiler tag because you’re already looking for information about the gameplay, so to hell with spoilers!

Volodymyr Azimoff aka RattusTeam (Owner & Founder)

In the gaming community I am better known as RattusTeam, the founder of Gameplay Tips, but for the official tone I will specify that my name is Vladimir Azimov. I live and work in Ukraine. Being a big gaming fan, I believe that I have a lot to share with other gamers. I got my first official job in the game industry in 2005 and continue to develop there. It’s a true blessing when your passion, hobby, and job combine into something one.

My favorite console is the Nintendo Switch. I think you can all guess why. Because I just bought a Steam Deck. I love playing on PC, but my main love for me will always be Xbox. Anyway, it’s complicated and simple at the same time. After all, I’m back in the days of the ZX Spectrum (1994)…

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