Idling to Rule the Gods (ITRTG) – New Player FAQ

Common Newbie Misconceptions / Misunderstandings

This is supposed to be a list of often asked things by new people or things we see are often misunderstood, so if you are new give it a look over, you might find something you didn’t know yet. I have also added common abbreviations we use.

Common Abbreviations

  • Climb = Going for higher gods each rebirth
  • Tutorial = First climb to baal
  • GP = God Power
  • CC = Creation Count
  • BS = Building speed
  • CS = Creation speed
  • CP = Crystal Power
  • Wildcard pet = A pet that can be evolved into any class because it either has no class bonus or it’s bad enough to not be worth it. (Wildcard defenders and mages are noticeably worse than other wildcards).
  • Divgen = Divinity Generator
  • Camp = Campaign
  • GC = Growth campaign
  • FC = Food campaign
  • IC = Item campaign
  • GC Floor = The growth of your lowest permanent gc member
  • Global Floor = The growth of your lowest pet
  • HGE = Highest god ever
  • TPG = Total Pet Growth
  • Taxes = Statistic multiplier costs 50 gp, can be found in gp page
  • CHS = Config half stats, bought for pet stones or money, lets you configure what half stats is for pet clone training
  • AHS = Auto Half Stat, bought for CHP, removes the need to press half stat forever
  • UB = Ultimate being
  • Ubv2 = v2 = Ultimate being version 2
  • Ubv4 = v4 = Ultimate being version 4

We also use many for challenges that would be to many to note down, if something ends on a C its quite likely a abbreviation for a challenge.

Very Often

  • Starting a challenge = rebirth (or double rebirth in case of multi resets or gp resets)
  • You can rebirth during challenges unless the challenge says otherwise
  • The more pets you send on quests(in tavern) the more rewards you get(with a few exceptions)
  • Focus farming gp (with speeding) is always bad in the early part of the game, the reason is what you don’t gain during the focus gp farm like challenge completions, cp, pet feeds, dungeon progress.
    • Later into the game you can get much better results from speeding for gp and make it work but remember that you still lose out on all the same things you would in early game too
  • Speed Falling is doing a few quick rebirths sacrificing your stat multipliers for a bit more GP, this is recommended to be done right before starting a multi reset challenge, since you would have lost the multis anyways but this way you got some GP out of it. Contrary to Speeding for GP this is good but don’t overdo it!
    • Build divgen and monuments on each rebirth if possible, go shorter on each rebirth you do (Remember that gods below Izanagi dont give GP).
      For example 1st rebirth 12 mins 2nd rebirth 6 mins 3rd rebirth 3 mins and last rebirth you just flick and then start your multi reset challenge, go faster/slower based on preference but try to keep the timer to when it gets an increase to multis.
  • Don’t go out of your way for Milestones, if the reward looks good it’s because it will be too hard for you to be worth it. Also, you can only claim Milestones if you are not in a challenge.
  • If your statistics multiplier is red buy stat multiplier(also called taxes, costs 50 gp per) until it isn’t red anymore, It’s permanent and you won’t need to rebuy it, usually you’ll need one buy per new highest god.
    • Here an example of how much difference buying the stat multiplier (2 were used in this example) can make:
  • Ub damage reduction purchase from chp store, is the only one that gives you the full effect with a single purchase from all the % based ones
  • When going for depth 2 dungeon you first pass the whole depth 1, and while you pass through d1 you encounter d1 events/traps, same applies when going for depth 3
    • For Example: Running 16 Rooms at Depth 2 means you first run all 6 rooms of Depth 1, and then you enter into D2 for the remaining 10 rooms. Running 30 Rooms at Depth 3 first goes through 6 rooms of Depth 1, then 10 rooms of Depth 2, then 14 rooms at Depth 3.
  • Avoid unlocking elementals (gnome, salamander, sylph, undine) until you know what you’re doing, exception aether unlock asap.
  • Don’t do Aether fights before you know what it entails in detail.
  • First crafting is a shaping hammer sss+20 all other t2 gear is enough to get to s+10 but the primary hammer you want that high because its gonna craft for a long time before going to t3
    • Maxing a t2 hammer is cheaper than getting a t3 of the same strength and this primary hammer will help you save on materials as well as time while forging new gear or going up in gear tiers
  • Always feed pets when they are hungry, it gives them growth even free food does
  • Build speed does not affect might
  • CBC (Clone buildup challenge) is a trap, the reason here being you won’t be able to do it fast enough for the reward to be worth it early on
  • Crystals? Modules? Ultimate beings? Crystal power? Since this is all connected i’ll make it a separate part right here.

Crystals and Co.

Some Extra Info:

  • Ultimate beings, give 100 energy and 30 min of divinity per tier upon killing them, if they attack you and the defender clones cannot beat them they will steal 1 level 1 crystal of each kind and 10% energy per UB Tier (they never steal Crystal Power)
  • Crystal Modules, you can upgrade the modules without using the higher level(this will still improve the conversion rate for corresponding crystals). Using a higher level module means needing more creations and more clones per level but you also get more level 1 crystals per completed bar.
  • Crystals, when you rebirth you get 1 cp per level of Physical, mystic, battle and creation crystal , 2 cp per level of ultimate crystal and 3 cp per level of god crystal 
  • Crystal Power, Crystal Power or CP for short gives you permanent stats, every point of CP gives you 0.5 CS, 0.5 BS and improves your unused GP stats by 0.1. (CP is the reason you buy less and less CS and BS later on)


  • Crafting is not interrupted by rebirth
  • Upgrade/reforge always succeeds
  • Might levelling speed is only affected by clones, challenge rewards (and later the ofp upgrade)
  • Overflow points (ofp) what to spend on > crystal power until you can farm it in Overflow challenge

Less Often

  • Rebirth length effect on rebirth multi?
    • To say it simpler than what it is, on each 2,3,4 and 5 minutes on your timer your rebirth multi gets multiplied by 3, on each 6,8,10,12,15,30 and 60 minutes on your timer your rebirth multi gets multiplied by
  • Ubv2 is turn based, ubv2 does not need to be killed in a single fight,they regen very slowly, allowing us to loop them, you flee at the end of a “loop”, a loop is a certain order of actions that the community found to be the best working one for certain stages of the game
  • Every time you make a creation you get creation stat(you get higher amounts for higher creations). The First CC gives you 100% creation stat every CC after the first gives you +5% to the initial 100%. For example with 21 CC you get 200% creation stat instead of 100% if you did the same creation with 1 CC
  • Every Evil creation you make drains creation stat in the amount you would receive by making it’s regular creation with 1 CC, if you don’t have enough creation stat you can’t make them
  • Dungeons difficulty can be set up for each depth individually
  • Yellow save button, happens after every daily draw it gives 500 pet stones by pressing it
  • Negative growth pets don’t affect the god multi, they count as dead by the system
  • Build speed works on divgen and its upgrades
  • Don’t unlock Carno early, unless you have a couple exceptional food camp pets(coin, witch, panda, tödlicher löffel)
  • Once you have all crystal slots you can get Living draw from Lucky draws(and after that you get +5% improves for Living Draw, maxed at a total 200% bonus)
  • How does bacon work? When you have bacon in the item slots of your dungeon teams, you can rebirth without the dungeon stopping its progress; it uses up 1 bacon per team on each rebirth, you can’t use bacon for camps*.
  • Bacon is mostly earned through the pinata pet by bashing it daily, they are very expensive to craft and not worth the cost of crafting
  • Amount of CS needed to blackbar creations:

Additional Notes

* There are 2 details that are of note, if you have unlocked might before rebirthing your dungeon pets get to keep their hunger bar (this is a good thing because you get to feed them more), the other is if you if you use bacon to start a multi reset challenge it does 2 rebirths at the start of those so it needs 2 bacon and you never get to keep hunger because the second one doesn’t unlock might.

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