SILENT BREATH – How to Survive Against the Stalker

I See You Achievement Guide

I got the achievement! The first thing I’ll say is that I just stayed in a corner where I knew I would be invincible to the Weeping Angel sister.

What I suggest is:

  1. Go to the Gas Station (turn about 180 degrees when you spawn in and run that way)
  2. Get into the corner of the wall behind the building so only 2 points of entry are available for all mobs to come from.
  3. Aim towards building, when in corner, so Weeping Angel Sister can’t attack you.
  4. Wait with flashlight on or off, I had it off but got achievement while it was on. (It seems to be a completely random occurrance and I have no idea why I got the achievement but doing this method allowed me to have full games without dying allowing for maximum encounters.
  5. Play something on your phone or do something while you wait it out. (The new Delta Emulator came out on iPhone so just play Pokemon while waiting!)

Note: I did NOT collect any tags and ran straight to gas station, maybe it only appears when none have been collected? If Hide and Seek Sister appears just run into building and get to a corner. Then run back to same spot previously.

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