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Opinion System Guide

Every Character, Religion, Family, Foreign Leader, Nation and Tribe has an opinion on the leader of a Nation. Marrying a character will grant 30 Opinion with its Family, Nation or Tribe.

  • Character opinion affects the cost of their missions, combat effectiveness as Generals and City Discontent as Governors. If the character is the head of a Family, Religion, Nation or Tribe it will also affect the opinion of those entities. Influence Missions allow the chance to improve a Character’s Opinion.
  • Family opinion affects the Strength of their units and the Civics, Training and Maintenance of their Cities. A negative opinion can also spawn rebel armies near their cities.
  • Religion opinion affects the Happiness of cities with that Religion. If the The Sacred and The Profane DLC is installed negative Religion opinion can also cause Dissent.
  • Nation opinion affects the success chance of diplomatic missions and the odds that the Nation will declare war.
  • Tribe opinion affects the success chance of diplomatic missions and the odds that the Tribe will declare war or send raiders. It also affects the cost of hiring them as Mercenaries or settling Cities on their Tribal Sites.

Opinion may have the following values:

Friendly200 and Above
Pleased100 to 199
Cautious0 to 99
Upset-99 to -1
Angry-199 to -100
Furious-200 and Below
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