Outpost: Infinity Siege – Best Battery Pack Space Optimization

Best Battery Pack Space Optimization

What are your thoughts on the best and most scalable way to store battery packs? Double sided of course…

Option A: Generic Panels

  • Can place small ground objects like material crate & etc.
  • Panels add some core output, 4 per battery pack.

Option B: Wall of Pillars

  • Can place high, low and add other objects like regular battery on same wall.
  • Pillars add more health than panels.

Note: The double piler no floor can fit 3 on its another option.

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  1. The problem with the pillars, they are wider than the panels, with the panels you can oppose the batteries it takes up the space of the utility tiles, with the pillars you have to use small tiles and it quickly becomes complex ton of work and a pain to delete !!, in addition it adds a lot of additional entities which causes a longer loading, latency, lag etc…

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