Sentinels of Earth-Prime – How to Defeat Omega

Useful Tips against Omega

There are multiple ways to do it:

High damage teams can brute force him down without flipping him… but can also burn away the breaches to flip him and then take him out really fast.

The best way (IMO) is take out the more troubling breaches (and eventually all the breaches) flip him and burn him up. Use a deck manipulator to keep the bombs and breaches out of play if you can. A good tank to take all the damage or at least minimize it. A Good AoE damage dealer is great too. And choose a good helpful environment to do it. (ie not his home environment).

SoEP heroes i’d go with Thunder, Forge Daedalus, Liberty, Infiltrator Psuedo or either Johnny, and Beneath Sea Siren.

Who is Omega?

The Lord of the Terminus, Omega, is a dead universe that invades and devours other universes until it draws them into the Doom-Coil and consumes them. After once and at great cost putting an end to the Omega’s invasion, Earth-Prime has been the only universe to resist him. The Lord of the Terminus will not stop until he crushes all of reality under his feet and feeds it all to the Doom-Coil.

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