Outpost: Infinity Siege – Core Output: Mechanics and Scaling

Core Output Guide

Core Output primarily comes from Small Generators, Battery Packs and Material Storage, but can also be increased marginally with some Structures such as Stairs, Utility and Generic Walls or Armored Tiles.

To some degree, Core Output can be more important than your Outpost’s Turrets, because it will increase how much damage your defenses can deal without needing additional ammo or resources, while providing other useful benefits.

However, Core Output stops scaling after a certain point, but those points are never really mentioned in the game itself. So, I have done some testing to conclude just how much Output you need!

The short answer is “3,000” but you can see the results here:

Stops at 3k:

  • Turret Damage (300%)
  • Guardian/Cataphract Damage boost (300%)
  • X-Field and Scan Range (~250m scan and ~200m X-Field, centered at the Tower)
  • Area Scan Duration (60s)

Scales BEYOND 3k, up to 1,000,000,000:

  • Player Defense within X-Boost Field.

    For evidence, here are some screenshots for the Defense scaling, starting at outside of X-Boost Field, to 3k, to 5k, to 1,000,000,000. All screenshots are from the 2nd Siege, Darkest Before Dawn.

    For reference, the scan range and other tests were also done here.

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