Redout 2 – Useful Tips for Finish at 1250 Km/h Challenges

Finish at 1250 Km/h Challenges Tips

They’re all about optimizing your final hyperboost near the end. The only ones that are notoriously tricky are ones found on Nereus & Nuliajuk forwards on Marina trench.

The rest are fairly tame. Here’s an early game example (make sure you’re stacking hyper and normal boost together).

I found them pretty easy normally but it depends on the race type.

As mentioned before some tracks have difficult endings, like Fuji with its S-bend shortly before the end.

On the other hand you have speed event where the finish cant be set to a specific point because the end changes with your performance during the race. for those i can give you the tip that you just stop before a high speed section and wait for the timer to go down and then accelerate so that you finish on the high-speed section with the desired speed.

One last tip would be to use better equipment. finishing with 1250 is a challenge in the early campaign where you dont have access to good equipment. coming back to those challenges when you have better equipment makes it easier.

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