The Leviathan’s Fantasy – How to Upgrade the Bloodline

Tips for Upgrade Bloodline Quest

First and foremost, Bloodlines are completely seperate from manual levels. They are not related in any way.

When you click on the bloodline tab, you’ll see a symbol grid with a bunch of slots. By now many of them probably have bloodline materials in them. Around those objects you’ll also see a colored Ring. That’s the “exp bar” of each of the materials.

Periodically, adventurers will add bloodline materials into empty slots in their grid if they have any, or if they have duplicate materials that are already there, they will attempt to “fuse” that material with the already placed material. If that fuse succeeds, it will increase that materials exp. Once that material levels up (increases in rank), that’s one bloodline level.

If you look at the bottom of the bloodline sheet, you’ll see passives that have a bloodline level requirement. Those will unlock according to your bloodline level that you’ve reached (combined ranks of all the installed materials).

In order to “advance” a bloodline, you must have unlocked all the listed passives there.

  • White: 10 Bloodline Levels (1 Passive)
  • Green: 30 Bloodline Levels (2 Passives)
  • Blue: 100 Bloodline Levels (4 Passives)

In order to achieve that task, it’s quickest to focus on a white bloodline adventurer (most of those low tier generic duplicate adventurers).

Once you have reached enough bloodline levels for an adventurer, send them to the Mystic Fusion building, click on the “assign” for them in the building list, and then click on the “superior” tab, and then select the bloodline you wish to advance. If you have the material, accept the advance and you’re done.

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