Throne of Bone – Useful Tips for Unit Types

Unit Types Tips

I went through all the unit types and recorded what were their focuses, like drafts in MTG, so I could better learn how to pivot.

It’ll be useful for new players:

  • Skeletons: Early game focus, stat stacking, merging (minor), bonus attacks (minor).
  • Zombies: Good bodies, shields, attack triggers (minor), poison (minor).
  • Reapers: Death triggers, mid combat summoning.
  • Blights: Slow growth, poison, high toughness, sacrifice triggers.
  • Spirits: Magic, spells, death triggers (minor).
  • Horrors: Stat stacking, high toughness, combat start triggers, magic (minor).
  • Warriors: Shields, good stats.
  • Rogues: Attack triggers/bonus attacks, high power, death triggers (minor).
  • Shamans: Aura buffs, magic (minor).
  • Mages: Magic, death triggers (minor), spell triggers (minor).
  • Stewards: High health, support, magic (minor), poison (minor).
  • Ferals: Sacrifices, summon triggers, stat stacking.
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