Hydroneer – Beginner Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Journey to Volcalidus DLC)

Useful Tips for Beginners

This one should be obvious but I saw some people asking about this. If you want to screw up in Volcalidus you need to get their first. To get their take the boat located here (you need the DLC for this to work).

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Complete the main quest line first it will help you learn where everything is and give you the money needed to start a new mining operation.

When you get lost follow the sign posts they should help.

If you see something glowing in the snow pick it up it will help with the museum quest.

(Top of the image).

Avoid driving in lava, the area is far too uneven.

After completing the quests you should have enough to start a mining op.

Buy pipes first, use can’t use machines without them. (This is just my simple setup).

To go fast get one of each machine next.

If you want to buy a store go with T1 first.

There is already a jeweler by the ships and the T1 shop has everything you need to get a mining op at full speed.

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