Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Menella Missing for Civil Unrest

How to Solve This Issue

I’ll throw out a couple things you can try before deeming this a failure.

  • Check the morgue for her body if you haven’t yet.
  • Check the hot springs in the Volcanic Island Camp. It’s possible she’s there due to the conflict with the Queen’s Assassin quest.
  • Check the empty Pilgrim’s house outside of town, as the Queen’s Assassin quest might also have directed Menella there.

If all of these things fail there’s a good chance Menella is gone from your game and the quest cannot be salvaged.

This happened to me, and I was only able to fix it by restarting the Unmoored World from awakening and doing things in a different order than what a lot of guides suggest. This is also not an entirely uncommon glitch.

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