Dragon’s Dogma 2 – What to Look for in a Hired Pawn?

My Preferences!

Pawns above 20, the reason being they are typically competent enough to do Battahl, as long as the owner updated their pawns gear. (And my pawn and I can hard carry the group if needed, so I highly prefer renting pawns lower level then me).

Probably will temporarily prefer higher level pawns when I go beyond Volcano Island difficulty.


So far haven’t solidly formed more ‘must have’ or ‘must not have’ skills other then the below.

  1. Thieves need Plunder at the very least.
  2. Tanks Fighter/Warrior Shield Summons/Bellow are a wasted skill slot. Provocation is the true tank slot. (Plus, you can’t see the rings without renting the pawn).
  3. Springboard/Sword Ladder, useless for me personally and I hate it when they decide to sit around waiting for someone to step on them… versus small enemies.
  4. Archers, Heavenly/Dire/Torrent, I try to avoid pawns with more then 1 of these. Would prefer if they not have them at all. They typically are not steroided out enough to be able to make these skills worth it at the levels I’m renting them.


Stuff covering the eyes. Even with a visor option, I see these pawns are generally unpopular. Less people willing to chance the dragon STD.

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  1. I just pick the ones eith 10k reward and then go off hunting that monster. The BEST reward I got was 5x allheal elixirs.
    Skillwise; Palladium Mage, pilfer thief, meteoron sorc.
    For looks I go for ones with realism and less slooty if possible. My favorite hired pawn was a sorc with a brown dress.

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