Abiotic Factor – How to Access the Third Floor

Tips for Advancing to the Third Level

As far as I know there are two ways to access the third floor initially:

Method 1: Through the Portal

This is likely the main intended path to Level 3. On Level 2, at the Security Office, there is a roller door that can only be opened by slotting in an Energy Brick. By doing so, you gain access to an elevator that will take you to Level 3. This area is mostly closed off, with your only real option to go through a portal. Going through this portal, and traversing until you find an exit portal (not where you came in!) will bring you to the rest of Level 3.

Method 2: The Broken Staircase

On Level 2, near Bio Lab D, there is a flooded room full of electrified water. If you climb from this room into the ceiling, and up further into the vents, you will eventually crawl out into a stairwell with half of the staircase in rubble. If you jump from the stairway railing up to where the broken stairs would lead, you gain access to a hallway that takes you to a Supply Room on Level 3.

Bonus Tip: Where to Find Tarasque Ichor?

Go to the DIRAK containment (in Labs) and get past the security turrets. Beyond a blast door, the Tarasque is there.

There are two methods to get around the security turrets. The first involves completing the laser puzzle and RISE, the second involves simply building a bridge across the gap to Holmholtz Containment.

Note: Get to the Tarasque beyond the security turrets, then kill it. I recommend using Slushie bombs + electric/fire damage. The GATE pal tells you what it is weak to in the entities tab. Hit the weakpoint. The glowing weakpoint on its back. Anywhere else only staggers it and exposes the weakpoint.

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