Pizza Tower – Grab / Spin Grab / Grab Slide (Basic Movement Guide)


Pressing GRAB, either midair or from the ground, causes Peppino to lunge forwards. On contact with an enemy, you will hold them. You can walk and jump freely while carrying an enemy, but may not dash.

Pressing grab again, either in the air or on the ground, will cause Peppino to throw the enemy he was holding after a brief delay, destroying everything in its path until the thrown enemy hits a wall or a metal block. Hitting a boss with a thrown enemy will stun them. Holding up before throwing will make Peppino throw the enemy straight up to the ceiling.

After throwing an enemy, Peppino gains a little bit of height. This can be used to follow up a throw with airgrab into a dash, or instead do a body slam.

As the grab ends, if you hold DASH, Peppino will carry over the speed of the grab into the following sprint, allowing you to kickstart your dash with some extra initial speed. This is also true when landing on the ground from an air grab, which is actually slightly better.

After performing a grab, if you hold UP as you come into contact with an enemy, Peppino will grab the enemy and immediately perform a piledriver while gaining great height.

Spin Grab

A grab can be performed in the middle of a dash. If you grab an enemy while dashing at Mach 2 or higher, Peppino will hold the enemy and spin them around, destroying blocks and killing other enemies upon contact.

Peppino will continue spinning the enemy around while slowly losing speed. If Peppino comes to a full stop, Peppino will then carry the enemy around, just like after a regular grab. The spin can also be ended sooner if you press GRAB to throw the enemy mid-spin. Hitting a wall will end the spin and kill the grabbed enemy.

Grab Slide

While performing a grab, pressing DOWN will cause Peppino to begin sliding across the ground at high speed, breaking marble blocks as well as pushing and stunning enemies in the way.

After doing this, there’s a few seconds where you won’t be able to do any other inputs and you’ll be committed to the slide. Sliding into a wall will cause you to bonk into it. Once the slide ends, however, you can link the slide into a mach dash if you hold DASH. You can also continue to slide indefinitely if you keep holding DOWN.

If you slide off of a ledge while performing a grab slide, Peppino will dive down, then transition into a roll once he’s below. This may not be actionable right away, however, as you’re still committing to the slide for just as long as usual. The only exception to this is that you may perform a powerbomb as you dive down.

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