Pizza Tower – Taunt (Basic Movement Guide)


Usually a tool reserved for flexing on the game (or pissing off other people), the TAUNT button in Pizza Tower has a surprising number of practical applications.

Fast Wakeup

Taunting near a stunned enemy will cause them to recover immediately. Taunting near an enemy that isn’t stunned will prompt them to attack you if able. Taunting near the patrolling enemies in Don’t Make a Sound will also cause them to sound the alarm immediately. Doing this is quite useful whenever you quickly need an enemy’s “cooperation” to progress.


Probably the most notorious application of the taunt is how it doubles as a parry. If you taunt just before receiving damage, Peppino will avoid being hurt and retaliate, allowing you to kill your aggressor or reflect projectiles. This can be useful to tackle entrenched enemies head-on or avoid damage at the last moment.

Every single attack and projectile, damaging and non-damaging, as well as every damage source in the game can be parried, with only the following exceptions:

  • Electricity outlets.
  • Cows.
  • Vigilante’s Dynamite. (Though the explosion when they touch the ground can be parried)
  • Kicking machines.
  • Grandpa Pepper.
  • Fake Peppino’s grab.
  • Fake Peppino’s headless run, but only from his clones
  • Fake Peppino during the chase.
  • King Ghost’s electricity outlet traps.
  • King Ghost’s anchor traps.
  • King Ghost’s kicking machine traps.
  • Don’t Make a Sound’s monsters.
  • WAR’s plane bombs. (Though the explosion when they touch the ground can be parried)
  • Pizzahead’s jump.
  • Pizzahead’s sumo stomp earthquake.

Interestingly, the following can also be parried:

  • Bombs (Not just the explosion, but also bombs themselves).
  • Fake Peppino’s headless run, but only from the real boss.
  • Pizzascare’s Ghost Cheeseslimes, even though doing so will not kill them, even while under the effects of the cross powerup.
  • WAR’s Pizza Soldier’s bullets, even though reflected bullets do not kill enemies and can still hurt Peppino.
  • Pizzahead sumo stomp attack, which has a hitbox on the boss itself that can be parried.

Super Taunt

After getting a 10+ combo, you will gain access to Peppino’s super taunt. You can tell that you have a super taunt available if you can see an electric effect around Peppino. You can then perform the move by pressing UP and TAUNT, killing all enemies currently on the screen. Note that enemies on the edges of the screen may not always get caught.

After having used a super taunt, you can obtain another one by killing 10 more enemies in the same combo, not counting the ones that you killed with your previous super taunt. This can be repeated any number of times.


Performing a taunt freezes you in place for a brief moment. This can be used to extend the air time of a jump, or done during a dash to halt your movement for a moment without having to stop completely.

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