Pizza Tower – Some Tricks

Results Screen Skip (RSS)

While standing in front of the exit door of any level:

  • Pause the game.
  • Press and hold UP.
  • While still holding UP, navigate to “EXIT LEVEL” by pressing DOWN and select “EXIT LEVEL”.
    • On keyboard, simply press the opposite direction keys.
    • On gamepad, use the Dpad and the joystick to input opposite directions.
  • Make sure to continue holding UP until your return to the hub.

This should skip the results screen while still counting the level as complete and keeping everything you collected. You’ll know if you performed the trick correctly if you hear the results screen fanfare as you return to the hub.

It has been noted it’s also possible to perform the trick by only beginning to hold UP immediately after pressing “EXIT LEVEL”, but doing it this way is very risky.

Also, make sure not to perform this trick as you exit The Crumbling Tower of Pizza on the game’s finale, since time ends upon pressing up on the exit anyway.

For Bosses:

  • Defeat the boss and grab the key.
  • As soon as you’ve grabbed the key, pause the game and select “EXIT LEVEL”

If done correctly, you will skip the results screen and keep the key to the next floor. Note that doing this will not award you with a rank for the boss fight, making this technique useless for 100% and 101% runs.

Boss Intro Skip

The intro card and animation when first entering a boss fight can be skipped by pausing and restarting the level.

Key Animation Skip

It is possible to skip the key pickup animation if you are kicked while this animation plays. While the key seems to disappear, this is only a visual glitch. It may be possible to trigger this glitch through other means.

Door Buffer

When first entering a level, as well as when going through most doors, there’s a fairly generous buffer to your inputs. If taken advantage of, this allows you to reliably perform actions the instant you regain control of Peppino, as well as perform elaborate techniques, such as the high jump, consistently.

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