SMITE – How to Play Loki (Useful Tips)

Guide to Play Loki

My Biggest Tips Are:

  • Max your 1 first (secret elite loki strat, no one expects the damage early from your bleed).
  • Practice your auto attack cancel in and out of all your abilities (the majority of burst lategame comes from a stealthed auto attack cancel off your 2) also you can insta cancel your 3 for instant burst aa cancel if you dont want to animation lock yourself for the entire 3.
  • For duking/escaping in stealth try turning in the complete opposite direction just after your stealth starts.
  • Using instant cast for relics unlocks another mechanic for loki where you can auto and instant cast blink at the same time for an autoattack the frame you blink.
  • Dont forget you can auto cancel into your ult.
  • Your ult is a very good escape tool but also can be a simple cc immune dodge/ outplay potention (cc imuning a thana landing on you in ult then stunning them the second they land for example).

Bonus Tips for Jungling:

As for jungle rotations right now the start is grouping yellow and red with your midlaner, doing the other yellow buff with your mid, you solo the chest camp, and from here you have options (1) going to mid or (2) going to duo for an early gank

  • (1) I prefer going to mid as I will always hit level 3 going mid, splitting a wave with my midlaner will always be the safer call and from looking at the map you can guage whether to gank solo or duo after doing mid camps based on who is pushed up more
  • (2) I see a lot of people do this but my only issue with it is it is very feast or famine, if you dont get any kills ganking duo this early you just end up behind while putting duo behind. I would just say go mid instead of this and if you dont see the enemy jungler in mid to call missing so duo knows they are about to be ganked

From either of those you just kind of keep up with your camp spawns to maximize your farms and gank enemies who are either pushed up or with the intent of getting their relics so your team can do an objective like gold fury or pyro.

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