Terra Invicta – Best Combat Rating Value

Best Combat Rating Value

I played around a bit with all the tech researched and found this ship to be the best considering construction time, MC and materials.

Gunship worth 484 combat rating, 22 day construction time (with Alien Robotics and Rapid Shipbuilding in a Spaceworks).

  • 30 points of Adamantine armor in all 3 slots.
  • 240 cm ultraviolet phaser cannon.
  • ECM Mark III (Alien-adapted, though I’m not sure if this adds to its value or not).
  • Lithium spray radiator.
  • Superconducting coil battery.
  • Antimatter plasma core reactor III.
  • Antimatter plasma core drive x 1.
  • 3 Propellent tanks.

Radiator could be switched to Exotic spike radiator to gain 1 point, costing basically the same. I just prefer the Lithium spray radiator’s very low combat vulnerability.

The armor could be upgraded to lighter Exotic armor or Hybrid armor for more points but only for a significant cost in exotics. A bit more combat rating can be gained when going above 30 points of armor, but I feel like it’s not worth it because of the diminishing returns.

Total Cost of the Ship:

  • 35 Water, 114.4 Volatiles, 92.2 Base Metals, 33.2 Noble Metals, 0.013 Antimatter, 1.2 Exotics


  • Combat acceleration: 4 g
  • Cruise Acceleration: 129.4 mg
  • Turn Rate: 17.4 deg/sec^2
  • DV: 68.5 kps

It’s a solid planetary defense ship when applied in swarms, and has enough juice to travel to other planets as well, so not useless combat wise.

Hope it helps you close out your game if you find yourself in an arms race with the Ayy.

Volodymyr Azimoff
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