Terra Invicta – Bombardment Charts

Which Weapons Can and Cannot Kill Different Hab Modules

Here’s a set of charts on which weapons can and cannot kill different hab modules based on their current armor score and the orbital velocity of a bombarding ship at 200 km. Alien habs have adamantine armor except for Site Alpha.

They are in order, Silicon, Composite, Nanotube, Adamantine, and Adamantine with hardened hab shelters.

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Some Quick Notes:

  • Mk2 rails are not included because you generally go straight to mk3 rails.
  • Mk1 coils are not included because they’re mostly worse than mk3 rails, especially for bombardment.
  • Mk1-2 rails and coils are not included on heavy and spinal cannons since you’re unlikely to make any ships with only mk1-2 heavy/spinal rail weapons and mk3 rails outclass mk1-2 coil weapons for bombardment.
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  1. Data seems to suggest some bodies have “trace” atmosphere instead of none (Mercury, Luna, some gas giant moons) and others. Mars is only one with “thin”. Titan and Earth are only ones with “standard”
    Might be interesting to know what the difference is between trace and none atmo for bombardment values

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