Terra Invicta – China Rush Guide

How to China Rush

  • Gain Control over Russia (all 3 Armies), and executive control over Israel, North Korea, Pakistan.
  • Send the russian armies to Vladivostok ASAP. Let them rest there until they regain some power, around 90% will be enough to work with.
  • Make all 4 above mentioned countries allies and rival China with all of them. Declare war on China with Russia, join with the rest.
  • China will mobilize its armies so that they patrol between Beijing and Harbin.
  • Use Israel, North Korea and Pakistan to launch 3 nuclear attacks on China, targeting Harbin region when there is at least one chinese army present (one of the attacks should target it when there are 2 armies present). China will retaliate targeting the standing armies of these nations (but will only retaliate if there is an army to target, so Pakistan should only fire once). In my timeline I was able to pull this off earliest between december 24 and 31. Happy New Year:)
  • This way you exhaust all 3 nukes and destroy all 4 armies China has at the start.
  • Invade from Vladivostok with the 3 russian armies and conquer Harbin. Don’t move through it, you would sustain too much damage that way.
  • Once conquered invade Beijing.

It’s a pretty bloody start but fitting for Humanity First and doesn’t depend much on starting popularity:

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  1. China’s big advantage over India is the core Eco and resource regions, more than it’s starting stats. It doesn’t hurt either that the PAC is a much better mid-game expansion than Greater india

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