Baldur’s Gate 3 – Fix for Shadowheart Leaving Due to Bug (Act 2)

How to Fix This Bug

Hello there everyone, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls like me who after the Balthazar fight had SH de-group and then shouts at you leaving permanently, I sincerely hope that this fix below, does the trick for you.

It took me some time to figure it out but thus far, she is still with me!

After the Balthazar Fight:

  • Let the three people in your group reach the most distant corner of the battlefield and sneak.
  • Then click on Shadowheart. When Shadowheart is in camp, return from the camp !ONCE!
  • Then open Map and teleport to the entrance of where the fight had just happened.
  • (Equip Shadowheart with the Lance of Shar if you haven’t done so yet)
  • Head down to Nightsong and re-group just a second before you talk to Nightsong. (After the CS is done, you should have SH standing there with two of the other companions while the 4th one is in the second cutscene)
  • Leave the portal with Shadowheart and the other two. (Outside you can try to let them talk to another but they refuse)
  • After the second cutscene is done, head out with the fourth character, REMAIN sneaked. (For some reason SH pulls the aggro card whenever you aren’t sneaking)
  • Have the conversation with her.
  • Once all done send her to camp. Remain sneaked.
  • Then go to camp yourself and talk to her.
  • (At this point she still wasn’t hostile and I opted for a long rest, even after and re-grouping with her, she did not leave the party anymore)

I hope this will be able to help anyone who is struggling like I did!

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