Baldur’s Gate 3 – Free Counsellor Florrick Quest Walkthrough (Act 3)

Free Counsellor Florrick begins after interacting with an Execution Notice, which is posted throughout the Lower City. These notices state that Counsellor Florrick will be executed within five days.

This starts a timer – Florrick will die if she is not saved within five long rests. If too many rests have occur, then the quest automatically updates, as Florrick has been executed.

Walking Through the Front Door

The entrance to Wyrm’s Rock Prison is within Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, down a passageway in the southwest room (X-25, Y:210). The door to the prison is guarded by a sleeping Flaming Fist, Breva Brightmoon.

With a successful perception check, the party can listen in to what she is sleep-talking about and find out there is a man named Otto Ott in prison. If the party wakes Breva up, they can convince her to let them pass:

  • I’m here to see Old Man Otto. He’s my father.
  • [Persuasion] Duke Ravengard has sent me to interrogate Florrick.
  • [Intimidation] Prison inspection. Open the door and pray I don’t find more sleeping guards.
  • I don’t have business here. I’m just exploring.

Choosing the first three options allows the party into the jail without the guards becoming hostile, at least until Florrick is released from her cell.

Sneaking into Wyrm’s Rock

Wyrm’s Rock Prison can easily be infiltrated via a hole in the foundation – accessed through Rivington. This is accessed by jumping off using Fly or Feather Fall at the eastern side of the gate to Wyrm’s Rock (X:27, Y:158).

After this, walking eastward reveals a crack in the wall to the prison (X:42, Y:190) with a successful perception check.

Crack in the Wall to Wyrm’s Rock Prison.

After entering into Wyrm’s Rock Prison, there is a wall that can be blasted open (X:91, Y:-720) with blunt attacks or spells (ie Eldritch Blast). This leads to a storage room. The door must be lockpicked open.

There are multiple guards that confront the party if they are spotted – requiring either successful sneaking or passing a deception check of 15.

A Map of Wyrm’s Rock Prison.

Exiting the storeroom, there is only one Flaming Fist guarding the way forward – Fist Ivarus. Moving past her and going northward, the party approaches the prisoner’s cells. There is a small alcove with a table where three more Fists sit (Fist Jagic, Fist Saunder, and Fist Creekrider).

Counsellor Florrick is in the northwestern cell. There are no other prisoners to liberate (the only other prisoner is Otto Ott, who will complain about being let out of his cell and refuse to leave). Florrick’s cell can be lockpicked with a DC of 15.

Freeing Florrick

Regardless of the route used to enter Wyrm’s Rock, the hole in the wall in the storeroom can be used to easily break Florrick out.

Hefty use of Misty Step and Dash can have Florrick out of the cell quite quickly, and the guards do not pursue her once she’s left through the crack in the wall.

After this, simply speak to Florrick and she thanks the party, then departs to go to the Upper City to seek allies.

Quest Rewards

  • If Florrick is freed, then she is added to Gather Your Allies as an ally.

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