Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Build Mage/Tank

Magic Tank Build

Well depends on what class ratio for eldtritch knight build.

  • Fighter 1/Wizard 11 – Start with fighter for the martial and armor proficiencies.
  • Fighter 2/Wizard 10 – Action surge.
  • Fighter 5/Wizard 7 or Fighter 6/Wizard 6 – Extra attack, 3 feats and two level 4 spell slot.
  • Fighter 7/Wizard 5 – War magic ability, 3 feats and one level 4 spell slot.
  • Fighter 8/Wizard 4 – Access to 4 feats.
  • Fighter 9/Wizard 3 – Three level 3 spell slots.
  • Fighter 10/Wizard 2 – Eldritch Strike and two level 3 spell slots.
  • Fighter 11/Wizard 1 – Level 2 spells and 3rd attack.

It really depends on your class ratio. Personally you want spells that protects you like shield, mirror image and blur. Since you are wearing heavy armor along with spells mentioned before. Enemies will have a hard time dealing damage lessening the chance you’ll breaking concentration.

For the same logic, it’s fine to go two hand heavy weapons because you have spells to protect you from damage. Misty step is also good for mobility.

If you are heavy on fighter levels. You might want to look for gear that has build in high level spells like nymph cloak that has dominate person which is a level 5 spell.

Playstyle is probably either taking advantage level 7 war magic (probably using melee based cantrip like shocking grasp). Or taking advantage level 10 Eldritch Strike on spells like hold person.

Gear like band of mystic scoundrel combos well with eldritch strike. Hag ring also combos well to throw some conditions on enemies. Another is ring of arcane synergy.

It really depends on what on the class ratio on you gonna build your mage tank.

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