HELLDIVERS 2 – How to Fix Crashes on PS5

For PS5 Players Having Issues: This Is How I Fixed It

I preordered the game on PS5 and played the day it released. I had a few crashes or disconnects, but it ran fairly well. I totaled maybe 20 hours of gameplay.

Fast forward to yesterday; I woke up and tried to play a game, it asked me to update, so I did. I finally get on and play for maybe 15 minutes and the game crashes. The rest of the day I couldn’t get on at all. It would error right after title screen. I tried literally everything to find a workaround.

I was on discord and I seen somebody say he couldn’t play HD2 on his account, but his brothers account on the same console worked fine.

So I decided to create a new PSN account to see if it would work. After completing the new account, I opened the game and it worked flawlessly. Played through training and got right online and found some friends on discord to play with. It ran nearly flawless all night. I had one drop out but I played all night with no issues.

My actual PSN account I initially started playing HD2 with still errors after titles screen, but the new PSN account, which is on the same console, same TV, same living room, opens and runs the game with no issue. I put a long session in too. I leveled up to 14 with no issues. But again, if I switch accounts, the game errors and crashes. Somebody explain that to me. Are they limiting who can play due to server overload?


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