Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – Zodiac Rings Locations (+ Dragon Keys)

Dragon Keys

First you need the four keys:

  1. From the head of Nameless Village, Raise your relationship with most characters in the village and then talk to him.
  2. From the Hero Competition in Chuxiang. Trigger by overhearing in the inn, ask for a “special reward” (last option) when you finish.
  3. Trade with Old Monster (Jiang Nanguai), Dirty Street Leader.
  4. Recruit Zhang Lata (taoist sect drunk). May have other requirements like max relationship or specific recruitment method. Should be automatically obtained when he joins the party.

Zodiac Rings

Now for the rings themselves:

  1. Ox: Nameless Villiage elder basement, center chest requires Dragon Key.
  2. Horse: Horse King Cave, behind the sect leader in “secret” vault. Requires Dragon Key.
  3. Snake: Nest of Swallow, behind the sect leader in “secret” vault. Requires Dragon Key. Vault can be opened with Machinery 4+ or key from sect leader.
  4. Rabbit: Refugee Camp. In a chest hidden under a large hay bale. Must enter combat and attack the hay bale. Requires Dragon Key.
  5. Pig: Dirty Street Auction. Chat with inn customers to get a rumor. The ring appears as a hidden final item during the auction. Seems to happen the second time you participate in the auction.
  6. Tiger: In a chest in the cave at Wild Wolf Valley.
  7. Dragon: In the chest with the Seal of the People at the top of the Enlightenment Tower at Lin’an.
  8. Mouse: Feed the cat behind the tavern in Chuxiang Golden Carp 5 times.
  9. Dog: Rescue the Emperor from the Palace Camp, automatically obtained after the conversation at the exit.
  10. Goat: Ice Prison. Defeat Lu Mutou after letting him break his chains. On the ground where he was standing (may be alternative methods).
  11. Rooster: “Fairyland” in Wuxian Mountain. Walk up to the cliff next to where the people were talking to access. The ring is hidden in a grave along with 2 Legendary manuals, behind a tree you need to fully woodcut to get past. May be missable if you call the others and they show up before you get it.
  12. Monkey: Longevity Tomb, back room center casket. Requires Machinery 5 (maybe a key option, also it might be one of the other chests in the room that don’t require as much Machinery skill).
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